Common Questions, Awesome Answers

Do GripLockTies have metal clips?  


No. And that's a good thing!  


1: Metal clips would not enable you to reseal the tie. 


2: Metal clips, under stress, cut into the strap and often have a lower strength rating or deform, releasing the tie. Metal clip ties have no redundant points of fastening, unlike the three teeth on the GripLockTies Locking head. Metal clips do not make a tie strong. The strength is in the quality nylon.


3: Testing proves that the Dupont nylon and the strong GripLockTies deep teeth engagement surpasses other Metal clip ties.



4. Metal clip ties are often used to smash the wires too tight, which can damage the wire filaments and insulation. Rubber lining eliminates the need to smash the wires to the point of damage, because the rubber forms around the wire and the rubber keeps the tie from moving.

What are the Specifications?






  • Dupont Zytel

  • UV resistant black

  • Toughened

  • Heat stabilized 

  • Impact modified 

  • Nylon 66-1 ISO1043 

  • Non-magnetic

  • Non-conductive


Elastomer Rubber Liner:

  • Protection adhesion promoted thermoplastic elastomer 

  • ShoreA 58 A ASTMD2240 

  • Elongation at break >375%  

  • Compression set of 25% ASTM D395B.


Dimension and Strength Information:

  • Rated pull strength: (pounds): 70

  • Nominal width of the strap (inches): .29

  • Nominal length (inches): 12.3

  • Temperature limits:

    • Operating temperature (-40ºF/-40ºC) to (221ºF/105ºC)



UL94, UL 746A,  IEC 60695-11-10


Water Absorption:

Immersion 24 Hour ISO 62 0.9% 

Are GripLockTies Patented?



Yes. The technology does have awarded strong utility patents in the USA #10,000,065,777 and in many other countries with additional utility and design patents pending. If you desire to license the technology contact us directly.




What are the Pull strength ratings?



The 12" and 8" ties .29" wide are rated at 70 pounds, but our production quality control requires testing to >100% more than rated strength.

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